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Specialists in Rotating Electrics

Alternators - Starter Motors - Batteries

London & Essex Auto Electrics Ltd is a fledgling company with a wealth of experience in the rotating electrics.
With over 30 years experience in the trade there is not much that we can't do or rebuild in the world of starter motors or alternators.

"Our aim is to put the personal touch back into dealing local trade as well as the internet side of trading and taking pride & care in our work".

Starting my training back in 1987 with the company Keith Turner Motors when the trade was more simplistic having to stay on Lucas ACR'S for six months solid and drumming it in to me to learn not only to rebuild them but to learn how they worked and understand the fundamental workings of units & individual components and that is how I have carried on to this day.

We have adapted from the vintage ACR & dynamo rebuilds to the more modern day computer run & water cooled alternator which makes us very universal in rotating electrics.

We do from the classic inertia starter motor to the modern high Torque gear reduction starter motors for racing teams to the DIY man from street.

Having decided to start my own company to specialize in rotating electrics from the every day cars to special builds, motor bikes, boats, plant, agricultural, jet skis, classic or vintage cars, fork trucks,lorries,motor cycles,rewinding,parts,upgrading, high output alternator I.E ice cream vans, ice systems, custom finished units, motor homes, narrow boats 6/12 & 24volt systems under taken.

We also specialize in motor bike starter motors and alternators for most makes of motorcycles including


Honda Pan European & Goldwing alternator rebuilding.

With stocks of over 1000 part numbers and more in core units ready to build with top quality new and reconditioned alternators & starter motors all with a one year guarantee.

With access to hundreds more different part numbers new and reconditioned

We can ship stocks all over the country as well as Europe and world wide with repeat customers from Spain,Japan,France,Germany,Italy and beyond

With more and more cheap imports flooding in from China & India in my opinion a good reconditioned unit that is put back to OE specification with good quality parts is a much better option and longer lasting if done properly.

As well as a large range of clutch or over running pulleys.

"With the environment a major issue these days reconditioning an old starter motor or alternator to a high standard is a better option than just buying a new one and throwing the old one away"

we are now using the latest hot water based cleaning machines to lower the impact the solvent cleaners can have on the ENVIRONMENT.

Fitting service under taken at our equipped work shop located in North Weald Essex.

Many thanks for taking the time to look at my web site.

Steven Ackland (director)

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